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My Dear Elena is a journey of love, growing up pains and a compilation of life lessons, which is why our logo is a feather quill pen to symbolise the writing of these stories and lessons to be passed on by a loving mother to her lovely daughter.

If you’re a mother, we hope that we could empower you through the beauty of our scarves in representing strength and perseverance in style.

If you’re a daughter, we hope that you are inspired by the heartfelt messages passed down through our collection, for you too may become a mother one day.

And if you’re a man, there’s always a reason and occasion to give this beautifully packaged Elena
scarf to the women in your life, to the ones you love.

Whether you wrap it around your head, body or even bag; the scarves will make you look effortlessly elegant. We have meaningful and wonderful story behind each scarves, so wear them loud and wear them proud. My dear Elena is more than just a scarf, it’s a lifestyle.

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