Wedding & Engagement Events of 2007

These sets are just a small part of our extensive work to date. If you are one of our clients and would like for your session to be featured here, just contact us and we'll try to accomodate your request.

An & Nana's Akad Nikah in Kajang
An & Nana's Reception in Taman Bukit Mewah
An & Nana's Reception in Subang
Asyrul & Dilla's Sanding in Port Dickson
Chee Hoo & Mei Mei's Wedding
Chee Hoo & Mei Mei's Reception
Diana & Firdaus' Akad Nikah Ceremony in TTDI, KL
Diana & Firdaus' Reception at Dewan Perdana Felda, KL
Diana & Firdaus' Reception at Kg Pengantin, Ampang
Diana & Firdaus' Reception at Palace of Golden Horses,KL
Dilla & Mardian's Akad Nikah in Bangi
Dilla & Mardian's Small Family Reception in Bangi
Dilla & Mardian's Reception in Bangi
Eimer's Outdoor Portraiture at Lake Garden
Ezwan & Cinda's Majlis Ijab & Qabul in Melawati
Ezwan & Cinda's Reception at Hilton PJ
Fadhli & Yus' Engagement
Fadhli & Yus' Akad Nikah Ceremony in Kajang
Fadhli & Yus' Sanding Ceremony in Kajang
Fadhli & Yus' Outdoor Portraiture in Putrajaya
Fadhli & Yus' Groom Side Ceremony in Kajang
Faizah & Rashad's Akad Nikah Ceremony at Dewan Perdana
Faizah & Rashad's Double Reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan
Fariz & Nina's Double Reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan
Farah & Elyas' Akad Nikah at Masjid Wilayah
Farah & Elyas' Reception in Nelayan Restaurant
Farah & Elyas' Reception at KLGCC
Farah Wahdani & Faizul's Ijab Qabul Ceremony in PJ
Farah Wahdani & Faizul's Sanding Ceremony in PJ
Farah & Faizul's Reception at Concorde,Shah Alam
Hajaryati & Nadzif's Akad Nikah
Hajaryati & Nadzif's Reception Bride Side in Seremban
Hajaryati & Nadzif's Reception Groom Side in Seremban
Haryatie & Norizan's Akad Nikah in Sepang
Haryatie & Norizan's Bride's Reception in Sepang
Haryatie & Norizan's Groom's Reception in Sepang
Hidayah & Ezanee's Reception at Dewan Felda Merak Kayangan
Jeehan & Shafiq's Akad Nikah Ceremony in Melacca
Jeehan & Shafiq's Reception Ceremony in Melacca
Johan & Sherry's Akad Nikah Ceremony at Masjid Wilayah
Johan & Sherry's Reception at Hotel Singgahsana
Juita & Adlan's Akad Nikah in Gerik
Juita & Adlan's Reception in Gerik
Juita & Adlan's Reception in Nelayan, KL
Liana & Zadey's Engagement
Liana & Zadey's Akad Nikah at Dewan Perdana